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Diane Molinaro CPCP

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have make up that didn’t run, smear or wear off? You can achieve this through the art of Permanent Cosmetics, otherwise known as Permanent Make Up.

Save time every morning, go about your day and into the evening looking and feeling confident about how you look.

Diane Molinaro CPCP, Permanent Makeup specialist in Orange County CA.Orange County’s leading Master Permanent Cosmetic Artist, in natural looking permanent cosmetics serving Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel and beyond since 2003.

call Diane Molinaro to schedule your complementary Permanent Cosmetics consultation.

Mission Statement

Diane Molinaro CPCP, will exceed your expectations by providing you with the highest safety standards, integrity, irresistible value and optimum comfort as she artistically enhances your natural beauty through the art of Permanent Cosmetics.

Diane’s Studio

It’s always nice to know what to expect and I hope these photos give you an impression of the clean and comfortable environment provided.


And also a photo of myself with Dr. Darrel Hopkins who is the Principal at the Hopkins Wellness and Aesthetic Medical Center, Newport Beach, Ca.

This was taken at my Grand Opening when I moved my business into his offices Dec 2012.

Diane Molinaro CPCP, Permanent Cosmetics