Benefits of Rejuvapen

Introducing Rejuvapen™

A Micro-needling treatment for all skin types
Diane’s skilled hands now hold a Rejuvapen™ & your skin treatment options are now better than ever. Stunning results have been achieved with clients needing to:

  • Improve the appearance of acne scars
  • Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce stretch marks & hyper-pigmentation.
  • Reverse the signs of sun damage
  • Encourages Collagen and elastin

The new Rejuvapen™ is a premier piece of medical grade equipment that’s proven to encourage the production of collagen, making your skin look & feel healthier in just a few treatments.

These treatments have never been more affordable thanks to our  session bundles and 10% discount offer.

See the results

Full face treatments

The benefits of three Micro-needling treatments are seen beautifully in these photos. The sessions were completed three months apart. Fine lines & wrinkles have softened. Elasticity around jawline & neck has improved & large pores on the nose have diminished.

The smoothness & skin quality looks noticeably better due to the body’s new production of elastin & collagen.

Lips, eyeliner and eyebrows also by Diane Molinaro CPCP.

Skin tone correction

Micro-needling treatment has reduced the appearance of sundamage & evened out the overall skintone.

After just three treatments with Diane you can see how the skin color on this clients chest has been improved. Fine lines were diminished as well as elastin & collagen reintroduced to the area

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Special: 10% discount for November

Book a Micro-needling area session & save 10%

  • New standard treatment bookings made before the end of November will receive a 10% discount. (Our standard prices are detailed below.)

Treatment bundles

Book multiple session treatments at great rates

  • Face & neck treatment special – 3 Sessions for just $1,800
  • Full Face, neck & chest treatment special – 3 sessions for only $2,700
  • A tailored package of after care products is also available

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Is Rejuvapen™ right for my skin type?

Rejuvapen™ has been designed to be used on all skin types & can be used safely on areas that show acne scars, stretch marks, fine lines & wrinkles.

How many treatment sessions are needed

Because each individual will present with different issues, a consultation is needed so a  treatment plan can be decided. 1-3 sessions are normal.for desired results. To  arrange you consultation  Call Me

How soon will I see results?

Due to this treatment inciting your own body’s production of elastin & collagen, the repair process can take up to 3 months to complete, however after as little as a week, you will notice smoother, tighter skin &  evening of your skin tone.

Is this treatment value for money?

We certainly think so. If you compare the costs against an equivalent laser  treatment or similar then Micro-needling allows you to do so much more with your budget without compromising on results. Typical costs for Micro-needling treatments are:

  • Neck  $200.00
  • Chest  $250.00
  • L&R Cheeks   $400.00
  • Forehead  $300.00
  • Crow’s Feet $250.00
  • Crow’s Feet & Under Eyes  $300.00
  • Around Mouth  $300.00
  • Full Face  $700.00
  • Best Value: Full face, neck & chest  $1,000

We’ve also created a couple of session bundles which offer great value.

What about after care?

Diane has carefully chosen a selection of Copper Peptide, Vitamin Serums & a Nutri-Rich Oil Moisturizer to create an aftercare package that will aid your skins recovery & help ensure results. These packages are sold separately to the treatments & are currently priced at $140 per package.