Hands on A+Ocean Lightening /Removal Training


This 2 day A+Ocean Saline Removal class will have you leaving confident to go back to your office and start doing Lightening /Removals.

Learn the CORRECT technique and tips to achieving great results, from pre-anesthetic procedure , needle selection,working technique and much more!

** All classes include a Custom Delux Super Mini Coil machine made by John Hashey (and  accessories and now includes the Full A+Ocean 234 page Manual )



Please contact Diane Molinaro CPCP for dates and details.

Classes are small, up to 4 people,  so quality time is spent with each student to insure instruction is fully understood and learned.

Example of class schedule:

Day 1

  • Intro to Saline Lightening /Removal
  • Needle Theory
  • Machine set up and break down

Break 15 min

  • Demo of technique by me on a model

Lunch (hosted)

  • Practice tech in afternoon on practice material
  • Questions and answers session

Day 2

  • Resume machine set up and practice technique


  • Demo by me on model


  • Students models all afternoon “Hands On” work
  • Diplomas and Photos

There will be beverages,  and snacks set up for students all day, both days.

Photos  and videoing of work  is welcomed.

** All classes include a Custom Delux Super Mini Coil Machine.

The machine plus accessories kit is valued at $825. Every machine is made BY HAND  by John Hashey and is signed and dated. The matching (custom) clip cords and power sources are also made by John Hashey. This high quality machine is perfect for tattoo removal procedures. Puts any rotary machine to shame!”

The machine kit comes with clip cord, power cord, foot pedal,  power source as well as the Super Mini Coil machine itself.

Why the Super Mini Coil Machine is so important to the Lightening /Removal process:

The machine is one of the best magnetic coils out there.  The Lightening /Removal technique works with large shader round groupings and they need POWER  to drive them very quickly and effectively INTO the skin getting it red with first pass and to bleeding  the second.  Yes, you CAN perform the  “technique “with rotaries and hand method,  but more sessions will be needed to achieve the results desired.

The machine is for every service from body art to cosmetic tattooing AND Lightening /Removal 

Importantly for removal procedures, this machine allow  you to achieve great results with less sessions!

Because it is “handmade and custom tuned, it is a bit more than mass manufactured machines. The value in this machine IS the fact John MAKES EVERYTHING for them except the screws! He builds them and tunes each one individually!! Adding the build quality and the manufacturing time adds up to a machine that will run for about 10 yrs before needing servicing. Please see the photo showing John making one of the component parts himself (a typical machine framework).

Also included:

Everyone will also receive a “goodie  bag” with A+Ocean, DVD, Machine DVD, Sample pack of needles and tubes most popular for removals, and a few more  “surprises”.

The classes now include a copy of the Full A+Ocean 234 page Manual.

Diane may also be “hosted ” to train in other locations.

Please contact at: dianemolinaro52@gmail.com

Text or call : 714-381-4631


Please note:

  • Class sizes will be limited, due to the ” hands on ” nature of the training
  • The cost includes the cost of the model
  • Classes also include lunch and snacks
  • This training Class teaches the correct techniques for Lightening /Removal of conventional and cosmetic tattoos, using the A+Ocean products.