Hands on A+Ocean Lightening /Removal Training


This 2 day A+Ocean Saline Removal class will have you leaving confident to go back to your office and start doing Lightening /Removals.

Learn the CORRECT technique and tips to achieving great results, from pre-anesthetic procedure , needle selection,working technique and much more!

Please contact Diane personally at: dianemolinaro52@gmail.com

Or  714-381-4631

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For dates and details, Please contact Diane personally at: dianemolinaro52@gmail.com

Or  714-381-4631

Classes are small, up to 4 people,  so quality time is spent with each student to insure instruction is fully understood and learned.

Example of class schedule:

Day 1

  • Intro to Saline Lightening /Removal
  • Needle Theory
  • Machine set up and break down

Break 15 min

  • Demo of technique by me on a model

Lunch (hosted)

  • Practice tech in afternoon on practice material
  • Questions and answers session

Day 2

  • Resume machine set up and practice technique


  • Demo by me on model


  • Students models all afternoon “Hands On” work
  • Diplomas and Photos

There will be beverages,  and snacks set up for students all day, both days.

Photos  and videoing of work  is welcomed.


Also included:

Everyone will also receive a “goodie  bag” with A+Ocean, DVD, Machine DVD, Sample pack of needles and tubes most popular for removals, and a few more  “surprises”.

The classes now include a copy of the Full A+Ocean 232 page Manual.

Please contact Diane personally at: dianemolinaro52@gmail.com

Or  714-381-4631

Diane may also be “hosted ” to train in other locations.

Please note:

  • Class sizes will be limited, due to the ” hands on ” nature of the training
  • The cost includes the cost of the model
  • Classes also include lunch and snacks
  • This training Class teaches the correct techniques for Lightening /Removal of conventional and cosmetic tattoos, using the A+Ocean products.