Cry Baby Mascara

Cry Baby Mascara

“Cry Baby” is a brand new, state of the art service. It is a professionally applied semi-permanent mascara that lasts for two weeks. It just gradually wears off.

To maintain the look, every two weeks, the residual remaining is removed with a special gel removing agent by the technician, the lashes cleaned, then “Cry Baby” reapplied. This is a “mascara” look. Not EVERY lash is separated as it is for an “eyelash extension” service, but some separation IS done as the “Cry Baby” is drying.

“Cry Baby” offers a topical mascara that has been created to be compatible with the semi-permanent application and can be used on top of “Cry Baby” for added thickness, if desired, or to be used as “Cry Baby” is wearing off. It is also a wonderful mascara by itself on natural lashes. “Cry Baby” can be applied to the bottom lashes only, for “eyelash extension” clients, giving a completed look and no need for conventional mascara on the bottom lashes.

Time it takes to apply “Cry Baby” depends on the length and thickness of the natural lashes. Most applications are anywhere from 30-50 minutes for both upper and lower lashes.

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