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I had a fabulous day today! ! My lovely client got NEW brows after only ONE removal treatment with A+Ocean Hypertonic Saline Solution!! It was a real pleasure working on her!!

Posted by Diane Molinaro CPCP Permanent Cosmetics & Eyelash Extensions on Friday, September 1, 2017

My client now has NEW brows after only ONE lightening treatment with A+Ocean Hypertonic Saline Solution by

Today was my clients "final photos" day!!! Soooo happy with her outcome! !

Posted by Diane Molinaro CPCP Permanent Cosmetics & Eyelash Extensions on Friday, December 1, 2017

“Certified Trainer” for Removal

Below you can see some examples of “Partial Lightening” and “Full Lightening” of unwanted existing pigment in the skin.

First example is a lady who came in presenting with two different colored ,faded, existing old healed in pigment colors and an uneven shape to her brows.  It was necessary to “fully lighten” as much as possible to “color correct” and give a new shape to the brows. Fortunately, only one “Full Lightening”  session was needed to achieve what was needed to yield a new skin “canvas” that a new shape and color could then be applied.

“Thank you, Diane, for patiently and expertly redesigning my eyebrows. I’m so glad I was given your referral. I felt very comfortable with your very professional skills and your perfectionist’s approach to achieve great results. My “new” eyebrows have added a better definition to my eyes and my face. Great job, Diane!!!”   Yvette P.

Next example is “Full lightening” of existing pigment. The first is of Eyebrows removal and next example of “Body Art”. Completed photos not available at this time. Both have moved from my area, but both have told me the pigment is gone. Eyebrow removal took 5 times . A 6th was done just to the very front head of left brow only,  to remove a tiny bit of greyish haze. It has been successfully, completely removed.

You will also note, a pinkish look to the skin of the eyebrow removal client. Over time that will clarify to a normal skin tone. It can take up to a full year for color to clarify!

Body Art removal: The Body Art “Before” was AFTER 7 Laser Removal sessions!!!!!!!! A small area of work was done to the body tattoo after last “after” photo. Complete removal was achieved….8 sessions to complete.

As you will see, as each session heals, the area shrinks and gets lighter. Each session, the tattoo gets smaller and lighter until all existing pigment is gone.

Each client is different and will require different approaches to give desired results. Again, a full consultation IS REQUIRED!!  Please Call Diane at 714-381-4631  for your consultation. Help, for what you may think you are stuck with for life, is on the way!!

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