Areola Enhancement

The areola can be recreated, through the art of permanent make-up, after mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. Most insurance companies cover this procedure.

Enhancement of the areola is done to deepen or change the color as desired.

Enhancement procedure example:

The client wanted areola enhancement  after having a unilateral (left side) mastectomy and reconstruction, without a nipple graft. The client also wanted a breast reduction scar on the right areola to be incorporated with areola pigment in lieu of skin tone pigment. The left areola was matched to right as shown from the before and after photos below.

Areola Pigmentation Example (Dr. Referred)

“The surgeon, Dr. Festekjian, has asked for your information so he can refer other clients to you. I hope you don’t mind if we do. He has stated that yours is the best tattoo work he has ever seen – high praise from this highly regarded, extremely conscientious and thorough, UCLA reconstructive surgeon.”
~ UCLA Surgeon Dr. Festekjian

These photos are of Areola Pigmentation Before, immediately After, and Healed.

Areola Pricing

All services include the second visit at 6 weeks post original and full aftercare package both sessions.

3D Areola: $350 per areola

Booking fee at time of booking appt $75 (Goes towards service. If appt is not kept within 24 hr notice, the fee is kept and a new one required to book a new appt.) A minimum 24 hour notice to change or reschedule an appt is required. “No shows” forfeit the booking fee and a new booking fee will be necessary for a future apt.

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