The eyebrows frame the face and bring out your features. Soft looking natural eyebrows can be achieved through permanent make-up. No more daily penciling on or filling in your eyebrows.

The shape, arch, length and thickness are personally designed for each individual. Both men and women can benefit from the procedure, especially in the situations of alopecia, over tweezing, shaving or nonexistent eyebrows.

The look can be very simple to very dramatic depending on the look you want to achieve. Each procedure is specifically designed for each client.

Single Needle – Hair Stroke Brows

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  • Healed shots will be provided one the process has been completed

Hair stroke Brows

Eyebrows Pricing

All services include the second visit at 6 weeks post original and full aftercare package both sessions.

Eyebrows: $900

Booking fee at time of booking appt $75 (Goes towards service. If appt is not kept within 24 hr notice, the fee is kept and a new one required to book a new appt.) A minimum 24 hour notice to change or reschedule an appt is required. “No shows” forfeit the booking fee and a new booking fee will be necessary for a future apt.

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