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What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is the implantation of pigment into the dermal layer of skin with a tattoo machine or manual hand tool. Enhancing your natural beauty with permanent makeup is completely safe and always in style. The width and contour of the lines can be controlled with placement of pigment that softly enhances the face even when you are not wearing other makeup.

What pigments are used & how are they applied?

The SPCP provides it’s members a list of safe and high quality pigment manufacturers/suppliers. Some that I am currently using include, Lasting Impressions, Derma International and Micropigmentation Center.

The procedure to be done will determine which pigment line I choose. I am very knowledgeable about the lines I work with and know how they heal into the skin.

I am trained in the use of several machines ranging from “pen type” to Neo-Tat and traditional Coil I also am fond of the “Hand Method” and incorporate it into almost all of my procedures.
All needles are single use. Machines and hand tools are set up in front of the client so they can see the needle is new and just for their procedure. All needles are disposed of immediately after the procedure in an approved “Sharps Container ” in accordance to OSHA standard.

I decide which to use for your special needs , as each person is different.

Who has this done?

Permanent make-up has a time saving benefit of not having to apply make-up everyday. Wake up looking your best without having to do much more.

  • Career women
  • Busy moms
  • Athletic women
  • Anyone with allergies to conventional makeup
  • Anyone with vision problems
  • Contact lens wearers
  • Elderly women
  • Men and women with hair loss due to alopecia or have sparse hair growth

What color should I chose?

You will wear your make up to your consultation the way you wear it on a daily basis. The pigment color(s) will be chosen according to your skin tone and desired outcome. An EXACT match to your favorite lipstick or eyebrow pencil is NOT promised, however , but healed result will be in the “color family” and much like the conventional cosmetics shown to me. Permanent Cosmetics should be applied with a “daytime” look that can be enhanced with conventional make up for evening or special occasions.

Will it look natural?

This is YOUR face and YOUR service! My goal is to give you a “daytime” look. The design will be done with YOUR input and desires! After design and any corrections to it is completed, and you have given your FULL approval, I begin the work.

Will it “hurt”?

Permanent Cosmetic services are “skin invasive” and therefore some may experience some discomfort. This will vary according to each person’s pain threshold as well as the skills of the professional performing the service. There are, however, different topical anesthetics that will be used prior to as well as during the service, by your experienced professional.

Most of my clients fall asleep during an eyebrow service. Eyeliner can be a bit more “uncomfortable” due to the nature of the service. A lip procedure will be more uncomfortable than an eyebrow or eyeliner service, but the topical anesthetics help with the discomfort. The benefits outweigh the slight discomfort you may experience during this safe cosmetic procedure!!

What is the cost?

Prices can vary from area to area as well as from state to state. They also vary according to which service you are requesting. For example, an eyelash enhancement will not be as much as a thicker upper liner. Eyebrow pricing varies as well as to “hair stroke” procedure versus a “powder background”. Lip liner or Full lips??

The amount of experience and education of the artist is what you really need to take into TOP consideration!! This is YOUR face and you want what is going to be reflected in your mirror and for others to see, to be skillfully and artistically crafted work!!

Each person is an individual with specific needs. Upon completion of your consultation visit, a price will be determined for the service(s) desired.

How long will the service take?

Each service is different and requires a different amount of time. I allow approximately one and a half hours to two and a half hours for each service. This allows time for photos, pre numbing, design, work time, cold pack application , after care instructions and after photos.  More than one service may be done at the same appointment and will lengthen the time.

How long will my permanent cosmetics last?

All pigment color fades over time due to sun exposure! Proper use of an SPF sunscreen of 20 or higher will help keep color truer longer, however, “color refreshes” ARE needed every one to three years to maintain your look. I request you come in once a year so I can assess your pigment color.

Will it always be “in style”??

Designs are done within the confines of your features. My goal is to give you pigment colors and design that are suited to YOU, NOT the times.  Subtle changes CAN be made in the future as far a design and new color. DON”T feel “locked into” a certain color or shape forever!

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