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Microstroking Technique

by Diane Molinaro CPCP

Microstroking creates the most natural looking and realistic hair strokes in eyebrows by creating a number of individual fine hair-like lines.

These lines look very much like individual hairs and can be used to build up the eyebrows, fill in thin brows, bald spots and even total brow reconstruction.

Microstroking does not require your entire eyebrow to be shaved and does not damage your natural hair.

Examples of Diane’s Microstroking Technique:

Before, during and after treatments (please slide through images)

Micro Stroke Eyebrows

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  • Healed shots will be provided one the process has been completed
  • Diane Molinaro CPCP also gave this client’s existing eyeliner a color refresh.
    • The original eyeliner was applied by another artist, not Diane.

Micro Stroke – Brows

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  • The ‘immediately after’ shots were taken 4 day’s after the eyeliner procedure was completed.
  • Healed shots will be provided one the process has been completed

Diane doing Eyebrow Micro-stroking and the client is numbing up for Micro-needling. The forehead was prepared in the same manner after brow procedure was completed.

Eyebrow refresh using microstroking 1

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