Diane provides the following services:


The eyebrows frame the face and bring out your features. Soft looking natural eyebrows can be achieved through permanent make-up. read_more_buttonNo more daily penciling on or filling in your eyebrows.


The Eyes are the pathway to your soul and the focal point of the face. Enhancement in the lash line makes the eyes open up and lashes appear thicker. read_more_buttonA soft line above the lashes will add definition and depth to the eyes.

Lip Liner

Lips complete the mouth. The lip liner procedure will add definition and fullness to your lips. The full lip procedure fills in the lips with color. read_more_buttonNo more washed out or pale looking lips.

Color Correction

Diane Molinaro CPCP has extensive knowledge and training in color correction of permanent cosmetics to reverse the existing color, with color correction pigments, resulting to a color similar to the original healed color. read_more_buttonEach correction is client specific and requires a consultation.


Diane Molinaro CPCP, is Dual Certified in Micro-Needling.

Trained under the watchful eyes of Dr. Lance Setterfield , MD and Medical Director of Acacia Dermacare in British Columbia. read_more_buttonTrained in the “Medical Roller” Method of Micro-Needling and Collagen Induction Therapy. Diane was given her certification to perform this service in June 2013.


Microstroking creates the most natural looking and realistic hair strokes in eyebrows by creating a number of individual fine hair-like lines. read_more_buttonThese lines look very much like individual hairs and can be used to build up the eyebrows, fill in thin brows, bald spots and even total brow reconstruction.


These procedures restore self confidence! A scar can be made to disappear through the use of skin tone pigments matched to the individual. read_more_buttonThe pigment is implanted in the scar and blended into the surrounding skin.

Areola Enhancement

The areola can be recreated, through the art of permanent make-up, after mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. read_more_buttonMost insurance companies cover this procedure.